my personal blog

I’m going to be putting things here.

My name is Anke and I’ve been creating content of varying quality and genre for the virtual world of Second Life since 2006. I decided to create a personal space in which I can share things.

Hopefully this will include helpful guides, tutorials, script examples, and how-tos from my experiences so far.

This blog is also here to serve as a place to put my thoughts on things as I grumpily sip my tea in the morning. Most likely this will be related to content creation or the general day to day stuff having to do with Second Life and producing/selling content in it.

It is my personal blog, and I appreciate if guests would enjoy the things I publish, but overall simply ask that you be a kind and considerate person – especially in regards to my scripts I am making freely and publicly available.

Although I cannot and will not enforce it, if you sell free things I post here, you’re an asshole and I hope karma bites you in the ass.

Commercial use as long as it is not stand-alone is fine. Reuse and modification are fine. Please do not sell my resources by themselves as-is.

If you like my content and feel it was of value to you, help fund my tea habit.

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